President’s Speak

Dear Member,

I, very graciously, accept this prestigious position of the President of our Association- ACAE. It is an honour to have this opportunity to extend my gratitude to all the members for entrusting upon me the prestigious Presidential Position for the term 2018-19. I hereby affirm to abide by the Constitution of our Association and follow the vision that the leaders of our Association have set. I thank all the Past Presidents for leading us effectively and efficiently into a present where our Association is one of the leading Associations of the literate circle. I, do hereby solemnly swear and declare that I will devote my time and effort in achieving the responsibilities and duties that come with the Presidential Position.

In today's everchanging dynamic business environment, there is a need for professionals to continuously update themselves. To cope up with such changes, we are organising a number of relevant programmes which will help the members to not only cope with the changes, but also to grow along. We are going to put more focus in involving the young members of our Association who can take the lead and provide us with new views, thus incorporating the experience and dynamic ideas that the members have to offer.

We all, along with the Past Presidents and the Committee Members, have seen a dream, a vision to make ACAE the most dynamic association of the country. For this we need to revisit the unfinished dreams of the Past Presidents that is to have a dedicated team of employed professionals for continuous research and critical analysis of all fiscal issues , to keep our website updated thoroughly by making its contents more richer and not to forget the publication to have a fully researched and highly beneficial inputs for our publication so that the members of the association benefit immensely from these outputs.

I am of the belief that a single person cannot successfully accomplish these targets. It is the Team that actually helps to lead through the challenging and inspiring journey that our Association has embarked upon. "Teamwork makes the dreamwork"- is my motto. With this, I shall pray to the Almighty to give us the strength to successfully achieve our targets for the growth and prosperity of our Association.
Coming together is the beginning,
Keeping together is progress, and
Working together is success.

With warm regards,
Yours sincerely,

CA Vasudeo Agarwal