President’s Speech

Dear Member,

I most respectfully bow down my head towards this august gathering present both physically as well as virtually for electing me as ‘President’ of this esteemed organization “ACAE” which is “Temple of Knowledge” as fondly known amongst our members.

It is a distinct honour, privilege and pleasure to serve you as President of the Association ACAE for the term 2020-2021.

I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all of you for having confidence in me and I assure you that I along with my entire team shall leave no stone unturned to justify your confidence and trust.

My thanks goes to Nomination Committee for reposing trust and confidence imposed on me for the position of president of ACAE and giving us the best team.

My sincere gratitude to the Founders and Past Presidents of this august organization ACAE who had created landmarks and added milestones every year and because of their hard work and exemplary dedication for this institution, ACAE is what it stood today.

The Rich values of this Association are imbibed in me where the association is above self.

Our Association has just completed 60 glorious year of its formation and we commit you for a grand Diamond Jubilee Celebrations at an opportune time this year.

Respected Professional Colleagues: we are standing on the cross roads of Physical and Digital era and Covid-19 pandemic have taught us many lessons and “PHYGITAL” is the new normal. On the one hand the Global Pandemic has created lot of challenges before professionals as well as to Entrepreneurs; on the other hand it has showed an ocean of opportunities to adapt and learn TECHNOLOGY and grow multi dimensionally. Charles Darwin, known for his theory of evolution said – “In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

In this dynamic and rapidly evolving world, change is the only constant and to improve and evolve, we need to push the wheel of growth which seems possible if we abreast technology. In an endeavor to make our members more particularly who are young at heart, we will be bringing couple of refresher courses on “Basic Technology adoption” and move on to courses on word, excel, use of various social media platforms for virtual meetings as well as to make their presence felt in this continuously changing digital world/ social media.

As a new vertical, we are planning to organize workshop / training sessions for young and budding entrepreneurs on newer business avenues like technology driven products on finance and economics.

For a sustainable growth, Membership drive will be another opportunity (both Patron Member as well as Life Member) which will give our association continuous fuel to grow as well as allocate its resources optimally.

To make this happen, we may plan to expand our WINGS toTier-2 cities like Siliguri, Bhubaneswar by opening CHAPTERS and /or Branches in these cities and thus will delimit ourselves being Kolkata centric organization.

We may also ADD members in ACAE on PAN India basis with your continuous guidance and support.

At this juncture, it is an earnest appeal to all the members to contribute generously to the cause of the Association either by becoming PATRONS or help in increasing our membership.

We have to strive harder to attain excellence in every sphere of our activities enabling us to take advantage of the exciting possibilities and the opportunities which the future holds forth for our profession and in order to achieve this we are planning for a series of REFRESHER COURSES almost on all subjects e.g. GST, Direct Taxes , Audit ( Ind –AS , Intenal Audit ) , IBC, and others with PAN India faculties which will be in completely different formats then of existing seminar with a hope that the same will definitely wide our knowledge base.

As regards ACAE’s New office, with your continuous support, we are committed to make it operational during the current year with state of the art Digital infrastructure in place.

ACAE is also known for its Research and Publications work which will be given more thrust during the year and for continuity in this field, this wing should have in house qualified professional.

I will fail in my duty if I do not congratulate my immediate predecessor CA Jitendra Lohia for a successful year despite Covid-19 pandemic, ACAE during last year could do highest numbers of events so far and created most vibrant digital face of ACAE. He truly deserves applause for the same.

Gratitude is attitude and your continuous feedback on every aspects of our Association’s working as well as events are of paramount importance to us for our continuous improvement and growth.

Thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to serve you as President.

I sincerely seek your suggestions and guidance.

Working together is key to the future. Together we can and we shall ensure that ACAE scales new heights during the year.

Let us lead together.
Warm Regards,
CA Anup Kumar Sanghai