President’s Speech

Dear Valued Member,

It is my distinct honour, privilege and pleasure to serve you as a President of Associationof Corporate Advisers & Executives (ACAE) ; anassociation with a Tradition of Core Values & Ethics, which is in the phase of Transition with process of experiments beyond imagination for a Transformation to have an exciting future, for the term 2021-2022. I commit to provide leadership the Association needs in order to achieve its objectives and commit to listen and respond to your needs as members.I look forward to working with you all during my tenure and carry on the baton of excellence which my predecessors had been carrying on so flawlessly.

I am thankful to all the past presidensts who have steered this great organization along this dynamic road in a measure and responsive way. During the 10 years of my association with this organization, they have shaped my thoughts and inspired me to lead with dedication and innovativeness.

If I may consider this role of President as success, I am conscious of the fact that success should feed one’s sense of responsibility..

Friends, each organization stands on the three pillors of members, finance and activities. I am aware of the relevance of each of this pillars.We will find new ways to encourage networking, communicating, collabarating, and sharing knowledge. We will use technology in new and intensive ways.

As we bring the members of our organization, closer together, we need to also look at ways in which we can work together with other organizations. This includes leveraging and synergizing our efforts to make greater impact on the society and contribute towards Nation Building.From the experience of past 1.5 years, we understand that the coming year will be about Phygital ( Physical and Digital). In this regard, our goal during this year is to enhance the profession and help strengthen the Digital Infrastructure while supporting our members in various ways, including professional development and advocacy. Lets make the ACAE - YourDigital Learning Association..

We plan to organize series of refresher course, conclaves on various themes, number of multifanous activities designed to serve various stakeholders- Members from corporate, Members in prectice and students.

The theme for the year has been devised as Connecting through Knowledge having three T’s and three C’s.

Our focus areas for this year will be ;

  • Higher reach and scalability – all around – to the members and the profession.
  • Hand-holding for MSME / SME businesses and practitioners for a sustainable future
  • Digital and Technology transformation with experienced hands and youth force

These focus areas have been articulated in three ideas condensed in three heading, Viz are Tradition – Transition – Transformation supported by Consistency – Commitment - Courtesy

The year ahead will be full of events and I request you all to attend in large numbers.Seeking your kind support, participation, inputs, ideas and above all your prayers for a very purposeful year of ACAE.

We all, with your support and collective efforts by all our Past Presidents, Executive Committee & Sub-committee members, have seen a dream, a vision to make ACAE the most dynamic association of the country. For this we need to revisit the unfinished dreams of the Past Presidents that is to have a dedicated team of employed professionals for continuous research and critical analysis of all fiscal issues, to keep our website updated thoroughly by making its contents more richer and not to forget the publication to have a fully researched and highly beneficial inputs for our publication so that the members of our association benefit immensely from these outputs.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to serve you as a President. I appreciate your faith and trust in me.

Do write to me at

Let us lead together

CA Vivek Agarwal