President’s Speech

Dear Valued Member,

This is a very sentimental moment for me as I take up the responsibility as President of the Association of Corporate Advisers & Executives. As we all know, it is one of the most prestigious and oldest association for accounting professionals in this part of India popularly known as ACAE.

Your Association was formed in 1960 under the name of “Association of Company Secretaries & Executives” with very noble intentions. Some of them being:-

  • To encourage, assist and extend knowledge and information related to various enactments.
  • To collect and circulate statistics and other information relating to various laws.
  • To establish, maintain, manage and assist libraries reading rooms and to publish journals, bulletins, books, circulars and other publications.
    (These show how our founding forefathers placed a lot of emphasis on being updated in various fields, in a world which was devoid of internet).

I would like to read out another objective in the memorandum, which is a testimony to the simplicity of the fundamental values on which ACAE was formed. It reads as follows: “To assist members in securing jobs commensurate with their qualifications and experience and for this purpose to correspond and negotiate with the Central and State Governments, Chambers of Commerce, Business Houses etc.”

We started as a Society with just 30 eminent & iconic professionals of Kolkata like Sukumar Bhattacharya, and the likes of M.C.Bhandari. It is due to these progressive principles that were laid by them back in those days, that today we have accomplished a strength of more than 1400 members. We are merely bearing the fruits of these pioneers.

Today is also an emotional moment for me for another reason, since this Society holds a place of great reverence. It fills me up with immense pride as my late father CA Prabhu Dayal Rungta was a witness to the incorporation of ACAE. I remember how he used to tell me that late Shri MC Bhandari ji& Late Shri SukumarBhattacharyajee used to help young professionals get opportunities at a time when it was very scarce.

Our Founders and all the respected Past Presidents have been contributing selflessly to the organization. With their unconditional support, they have always aimed to set the bar pretty high, achieving one milestone after another. Their efforts and their dedication has gotten ACAE here.

I also wish to acknowledge the achievements of my immediate predecessor, CA Vivek Agarwal. With his phenomenal work ethic and dedication, he has really hit the ball out of the park. He has set the new bench mark of performance and made task really tough to achieve and cross.

However I assure you all that I shall take upon me all the responsibilities that have been placed on my shoulders. I would be relentless in my efforts to lead this organisation with my strong team and with the support of our past presidents, who are my pillars. Together we will try to reach new heights and achieve our vision.

I can assure you that I shall leave no stone unturned, in my endeavour to keep the flag of this great organisation flying high.

I would like to take a moment to describe my thought, we will continue the activity which are being conducted in concurrence with the objectives of ACAE, further as you all know that during golden jubilee celebration our committee came out with Vision document with an aim to repositioning ourselves for the post Golden Jubilee journey in the matters of membership, knowledge, infrastructure, resources and self assertion and I will try to take up those agendas which were envisaged through the Vision Document.

To Conclude, I wish to assure all of you that with the support of all the Past Presidents and seniors, along with office bearers and executive committee supported by various sub-committees and the youth power, we would perform and deliver our best in the year ahead. I am sincerely looking forward to your suggestions and guidance to lead together and reach new heights at ACAE.

Thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to serve as the President of your Association.
Warm Regards,
CA. Pramod Dayal Rungta